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“Dr. Shah has been my doctor for years and I can happily say that I know I am not his easiest patient. I trust him beyond words but there is never a question I don’t ask a million times. Dr.Shah always takes the time to patiently and caringly put me at ease and help me make informed decisions. I wish all doctors practiced medicine in the way that Dr. Shah does, we would all feel better about our health!”

Tatiana L.

I was referred to Dr. Shah in the fall of 2008. By then my OBGYN because he no longer delivered babies. Before scheduling a prenatal interview with Dr. Shah, my husband and I researched local OBGYNs in our area and narrowed our list to three (3) doctors. Our first interview was with Dr. Shah and after spending almost an hour with him, we did not have to look any further. Both my husband and I felt very confident and comfortable with Dr. Shah. He answered all of our questions, addressed all of our concerns and provided great advice for our first pregnancy. Dr. Shah and I became very close because I was pregnant for three (3) years in a row. Each time I met with Dr. Shah, I never felt rushed and he always made sure he answered all of my questions. My last pregnancy was extremely high risk, so he made sure he was reachable when I needed him, day or night. After 30 long weeks of my last pregnancy he made the decision to admit me to the hospital until I delivered the baby. I was there for two (2) weeks before I had an emergency delivery. Within those two (2) weeks Dr. Shah visited me at the hospital and called frequently to check on my status with the nurses. During that very stressful time he made sure I was comfortable physically and mentally. Dr. Shah has tremendous knowledge and makes spot on decisions. He is personable, respectful, witty and most of all, a GREAT Doctor! As I knew then, I know now that I am in good hands. I continue to see Dr. Shah regularly and will do so until he retires.

Maritza R.

“Dr. Shah is amazing!! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor than him. He delivered both of my children. The first one back in 2009 and the other one in 2016. With my last pregnancy I had a life threatening condition called placenta accreta. This occurs when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus and detaching it can lead to severe hemorrhaging. And that’s exactly what happened to me. Dr. Shah had to do an emergency hysterectomy and the struggle to save my life was just starting.. I needed 11 units of blood tranfusion to keep me alive. It took him 5 hours to stabilize me, and he never gave up on me, and I will always thanks him for that. I was in the ICU for 3 days and 7 days total in the hospital. He visited me every day to make sure I was making a good recovery. Even when I was at home, he always called to follow up with me and always responded to my concerns.

6 months later, I went for a second surgery with a urologist because my bladder was also compromised. I trust Dr. Shah so much that even if this was not his area of specialty, I wanted him to be there in the operating room with me because I felt safe. He accepted and was beside me the day of my surgery. Dr. Shah was there giving me that extra support that I needed…

Today, a year after, I feel great and I enjoy life to the fullest with my beautiful family, and I thank God and this incredible doctor.”

Sarah S.

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